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2nd Floor Private Rooms

Along with the comfortable lounge seating situated along the spacious 2nd floor hallway, The Pearl's 2nd floor provides it's guest with ladies and gents washrooms, a full-service bar, and eight cozy Private Rooms to choose from.

Each of the eight private rooms overlooking the main floor area provide occupants with a clear unobstructed view of the stage and all ground floor activities. Although there are bench-type lounge seating & chairs in each of the rooms, it is quite usual to see room guests standing along each of the room's balcony rails clearly observing all that is going on below.  

Following below you will find a listing of The Pearl management's suggestion for each of the rooms "Maximum People-Capacity" for reasonable comfort of the room occupants. However, it should be noted that on rare occassions these suggested capacities have been exceeded by the persons reserving the rooms.

ROOM 1                           ROOM PICTURE NOT SHOWN 

Suggested Maximum People Capacity Eight (8) 


Suggested Maximum People Capacity  SIX (6)   







Suggested Maximum People Capacity  SIX (6)







Suggested Maximum People Capacity  SIX (6)







Suggested Maximum People Capacity  FIVE (5)

Minimum Spend  3000 RMB






Suggested Maximum People Capacity  FOUR (4) 








Suggested Maximum People Capacity  FOUR  (4)




Room 8

NOTE: This Room  (8) can be reserved by two sperate groups of Two or one group of FOUR

Suggested Maximim People Capacity - Riight Side  TWO (2) 

Suggested Maximum People Capacity - Left Side  TWO (2)

Suggested Maximum People Capacity Left & Right Sides Combined FOUR (4)

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